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Pick Your Path: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awkward Teenage Years

Evan Hoovler | 26 Dec 2011 13:00
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Everyone always laughed at you for rolling everywhere instead of walking. But, today it pays off as you execute a deft maneuver around the horse. Hoisting yourself up by its tail, you struggle to knock Ganondorf off his mount. The fight goes on for several minutes, as the horse transports you to a different part of Hyrule. You see the twisted, menacing walls of Ganondorf's castle looming in the distance. Ganondorf gains the upper hand as his steed gallops towards the fortress. But just as the horse approaches the drawbridge, Ganondorf manages to knock you to the ground. You chase after him on foot, but stop short at the moat under the rising drawbridge.

- Dive into the moat

- Search for another entrance

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