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Pick Your Path: Assassin's Creed

Evan Hoovler | 24 Jan 2012 22:00
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You scrape your blade against the side of the ship. It makes a ridiculously loud and grating noise, but doesn't even leave a mark. You stare at the iron hull, pondering your next move. Suddenly, your vision grows fuzzy. It is all you can do to hold onto the side of the ship as your consciousness is ripped away from you.

"Hello!" a voice booms. You try to find it's source, but all you can see is a bright fog. "I'm Desmond."

You shake your head, trying to clear the cobwebs, yet the fog does not dissipate.

"Don't worry," the voice continues, "we'll return you to reality in just a second. I only wanted to take a minute to inform you that I'm possessing your brain from the future. Again, nothing to worry about."

You attempt to get your brain around Desmond's words, but can only stagger out a "Huh?"

"Normally, I would just let you continue, you're doing a fine job. But trying to slash open the hull? That was so dumb I just had to intercede. Use your gunpowder."

As he speaks your vision slowly clears until you are back hanging off the front of the bow.

- Make an explosive with your gunpowder

- Poke a hole in your skull to let out the evil demons

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