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Pick Your Path: Assassin's Creed

Evan Hoovler | 24 Jan 2012 18:00
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Floating in the ocean, you realize you'll need to put some distance between you and the other lifeboats. Fortunately, you always keep a spare oar up your sleeve, just in case you want to get extra creative with an assassination. Paddling day and night, you quickly reach the shores of New York. Well, quickly is a relative term, because it takes you two months.

Arriving on shore, you are shocked when a man rushes up to you. Before you can reach out and kill him, he hands you a telegram. Surprised, you read the telegram to learn that your next assignment is the assassination of Speedy MacFarlane, maker of the popular Speedster automobile. He is in New York for the World's fair.

- Proceed to the World's Fair

- Eat Something, you've been at sea for two months

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