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Pick Your Path: Assassin's Creed

Evan Hoovler | 24 Jan 2012 18:00
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Already impressed by the tall buildings of New York City, your mind is blown away when you step into the World's fair. Booths and exhibits spin on elegant circular stages. You take a moment to take everything in. A company called Merck has a booth offering some wonder drug. Henry Ford shouts from a stage, touting a new revolution that will improve automobile production tenfold.

Across from Ford, leaning against a shiny green 1912 Speedster Cameo, stands a man who could only be MacFarlane. Either that, or he stole MacFarlane's nametag. You scout around, trying to decide how to proceed.

- Roll across the floor and stop behind the Cameo

- Leap off of the wall and on top of the Merck booth

- Dive in a nearby pile of hay

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