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An Event to Unremember

Stephen Vega | 27 Feb 2012 16:00
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Spider-Man or Iron Man still exist, but these days they feel like little more than action figures with trademark action phrases. The spotlight has fallen away from each individual hero and how they relate to the world. They're too bogged down saving the world (again) from some unstoppable malevolent force (yes, another one) that can only be defeated by making the ultimate sacrifice (insert gasp here)! In all the excitement, Marvel forgot to actually write in characters. Why should you care if Thor lives or dies while saving the world, if you don't care about Thor?

Why should you care if Thor lives or dies while saving the world, if you don't care about Thor?

The company has lost touch with the originality that set them apart. What's worse is that whatever is making Events work now, will slowly render these stories obsolete. Events were originally introduced in the 1940s, and gained popularity in the 1980s. Events were amazing, because from the format to the content, these were stories fans had never seen before. Following the debut of the Event, readers would wait years until publishers like Marvel or DC would release another such all-encompassing harrowing tale. You never knew when you as a fan would the chance to partake in one again. But the more there is of any one commodity, the less valuable the commodity in turn becomes. Diamonds aren't priceless because you can stumble over them on your way through the parking lot. If the trend of never-ending, earth-shattering Events continues, I'm worried that pretty soon Marvel won't have any gems left.

Love them or loathe them, Events are here to stay for awhile. Maybe Events represent the comics for a new generation. Maybe this approach to comics will eventually fade into obscurity. Or maybe they'll luck out, and the 2012 zombie apocalypse will draw attention away from the current comic book gold standard. Whatever the case the trend is very much set, with no sign of slowing. But in the meantime, Marvel continues to provide me with one heck of a cliffhanger. To see, month after month, if they change their mind.

Long time comic enthusiast, Stephen Vega is a fan all things awesome from videogames to movies to robot unicorns.

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