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Pick Your Path: Ninja Gaiden

Evan Hoovler | 2 May 2012 17:00
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To prevent the open crate from tipping of the crew of your presence, you carry it above deck. It is the dead of night, a chilly wind rustles your dark ninja robes and shoelaces. Heading to the side, you toss the crate over the edge. Immediately, the water starts boiling. A bright light appears in the water, from it comes an enormous, winged demon. It's body is grey, and resembles a dragon with two stickly human legs. It opens its enormous wings, showing their blood red underside. Two long, hairy horns protrude from its skull. It floats above the water, and glares at you with its beady blue eyes.

- Throw a shuriken at the demon

- Use the power of your sword to do some cool ninja moves

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