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Pick Your Path: Ninja Gaiden

Evan Hoovler | 2 May 2012 17:00
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Springing to your feet, you rush to the balcony. You start to take a running leap to the ledge, above, but then you get the disconcerting feeling you didn't lock your hotel room door. After checking to see if it's locked (it was), your return to the balcony and climb up.

The upstairs balcony door is locked, but the curtains are open. Peering through the glass, you are treated to a gruesome sight. The room's walls and ceiling are painted dark red. The bed is nowhere to be seen, leaving a wide expanse of floor. This floor is occupied by eight headless corpses arranged in a circle. The corpses appear to be wearing suits, copious amounts of blood gush from the gaping neckholes. Scattered throughout the room are severed heads, one severed head appears to be screaming.

- Break through the door

- Climb back down to your room and call the police

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