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Pick Your Path: Ninja Gaiden

Evan Hoovler | 2 May 2012 17:00
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A disciplined ninja knows never to charge headlong into a strange and deadly situation. Hopping over the railing, you swing onto your balcony and head inside. Intending to phone the police, you flip on the lights. This reveals a redheaded woman in a tight black skirtsuit, sitting calmly on your bed. You curse yourself for not checking to see if your door was locked several more times. Instinctively, you draw your sword, but the woman's body stays relaxed.

"Hello, Mr. Hayabusa," she whispers in a sultry voice, "I am Agent Jinjara, of the C.I.A."

You urgently point to the room above you. The agent doesn't seem to notice, or care, but she does continue, "recently, eight of our field agents were killed in a hotel room."

"Upstairs" you shout, wondering how the agent got here so quickly.

"Yes, it did happen upstairs, your reconnaissance work is as good as they say it is. The agents were all investigating an illegal chemicals shipment from San Francisco to Asia. Since the investigation seems to be fraught with homicide, we decided to bring in the best. That's where you come in."

Still surprised at her rapid response time, you inquire what she wants of you.

"Our intelligence shows that you are the perfect candidate to infiltrate San Francisco's Chinatown chemical smuggling ring."

"Why?" you ask.

She looks down at your feet, then back into your eyes, "because you're, you know... Chinese."

For a brief moment, you consider slicing off her head. But then you'd be in here all day, cleaning up the mess. Instead, you sign, and begrudgingly take the airplane ticket she offers you.

- Fly to San Francisco

- Climb to the upstairs suite

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