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Pick Your Path: Ninja Gaiden

Evan Hoovler | 2 May 2012 17:00
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Squeezing your face shut, you project with your mind. Opening your eyes, you see a likewise-falling copy of yourself. You quickly grab yourself, and throw him at the ground below you.

At the ninja academy, the other ninjas often ridiculed you for using a half-box worth of fabric softener every time you washed your robes. As it turns out, that additional fluffiness saves your life as you crash into the surprisingly cushy robes worn by your doppelganger's corpse. Dusting yourself off, you look at your dead, squished body lying nearby. You hope that, when you die, you don't go with such a ridiculously surprised expression on your face.

The ground shakes, as the foot of the Giant smashes through a nearby bank. Alarms ring. Looking up, you see the giant turn his enormous head towards you. It's impossible to truly know if he is looking right at you, as his eyes are up in the clouds. But, he probably does because the Giant immediately jumps in the air and lays prostrate, preparing to belly flop right on top of you. Your eyes widen, your jaw drops, you get a searing pain across your chest. Reaching into your robe you realize the searing pain is from the Dragon Sword, which is glowing red like a hot poker.

- Surround yourself with glowing green fireballs

- Swallow the Dragon Sword

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