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Pick Your Path: Super Mario Bros: Jersey Shore

Evan Hoovler | 19 Jul 2012 17:00
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Driving along the Jersey shore, the time flies by as you stare at all of the musclebound, oily men and women. Soon, you are at the fabled Atlantic City. Huge casinos tower above you on either side.

Looking up, you are delighted to see that each casino has a theme. There's a water-themed casino hotel, a chocolate theme, a pirhana plant theme, a fire theme, an outer space theme, there's even one where everything is giant.

Excitedly, you gaze up as your hotel creeps into the skyline: The Bowser casino hotel. You've always wanted to relax in Bowser's kingdom, but never find the time in between bouts of running for your life.

Hopping out, you throw a pocketful of gold coins at the taxicab driver. At first, he seems confused, but then scoops them up and drives off to the nearest money-for-gold place.

You walk to the front door when an enormous bodyguard steps in front of you.

"Yo! You can't get in here with that look. We keep an element of class."

You start to retort, but then do some self examination. Your muscles are a bit flabby, your clothes a bit worn. You could even stand to tan.

"Don't worry! We'll help you out!" shouts Peach, who is then immediately distracted by a sidewalk slot machine.

You shrug. You had hoped to get some tips on fashion, but Peach is busy at the moment. Looking at your three remaining friends, you realize you only have two choices.

- Go with Toad to the nightclubs

- Go with Yoshi to pump iron

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