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Pick Your Path: Super Mario Bros: Jersey Shore

Evan Hoovler | 19 Jul 2012 21:00
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You put on your frog suit. Toad gives you a questioning look, but you just assume that he's never seen style before.

The line moves forward. Toad hands the man at the door a wad of cash, but he refuses to move aside.

"What, you think that's funny? Huh, just because I am ze only Frenchman in town, you Italians just have to mock me?" He punches you in the face, breaking four bones: two in your face, two on his hand. You spend the rest of your vacation recuperating in the hospital. What's worse, however, is that the remorseful French bouncer stops by the hospital to apologize, and Princess Peach falls in love with him.


- Start a new 1P game

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