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Pick Your Path: Super Mario Bros: Jersey Shore

Evan Hoovler | 19 Jul 2012 17:00
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"Mamma Mia!" you exclaim. However, Yoshi has always been there for you. Countless times he has drowned and had to respawn because of your own negligence. So you hustle over and grab the other end of the heavy cash machine.

"Freeze!" shouts a security guard. You glance over to see three uniformed men have guns trained right on your head.

"Don't worry," says Yoshi. "They won't shoot. Just keep going."

Huffing, you manage to get the enormous-sized ATM to the door. There, however, a hot air balloon-sized chain chomp guards your way.

- Release the chain chomp from its chain

- Drop the cash machine in front of the chain chomp.

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