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Pick Your Path: Super Mario Bros: Jersey Shore

Evan Hoovler | 19 Jul 2012 17:00
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Pounding your fist on the Customs counter, you angrily shout for the clearance agent to hurry up. Displeased, the customs agent takes a long look at you.

"Hey," he exclaims, "you're that guy."

He turns and studies a poster on the wall. It is of a dark-skinned man in a turban whose name is "Mareeh-el Pljomer"

"Yeah, that is you, you have the same skin tone and everything ... " Before you can find the words to refute, you find yourself swarmed by police. They throw you in a cell and strip search you, even finding your hidden power star. By the time the mistake is cleared up, you have suffered abuse that no man should ever deserve. Except maybe Luigi.


- Start a new 1P game

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