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8 JRPGs Better Than Final Fantasy 7

Justin Clouse | 18 Jul 2014 17:45
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And finally, no list about JRPGs would be complete without a little star handed out to a personal darling from the Final Fantasy series. For me, I still don't think you can do better than Final Fantasy III / Final Fantasy VI. Square was really at their prime with Final Fantasy VI. It was nearing the end of the SNES life cycle and was in a lot of ways the culmination of all the Final Fantasys that came before it. Awesome setting, a great cast of characters and very importantly a memorable villain. It's honestly a strong contender for one of the finest games ever, not just RPGs.

There's still a bunch of games I'd loved to have given some recognition here. What ones do you think I missed? In the meantime, I think I'm going to go up to the attic, dust off the old consoles and dig around in my boxes so I can replay these gems.

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