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8 of the Most Iconic Videogame Weapons

Ron Whitaker | 29 Apr 2015 16:30
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Lots of videogames have weapons for players to use, but some of them are more than just weapons; they're icons that represent a game or a series. No matter which game in that series you pick up, you pretty much know that weapon will be in there, and you know how it works. There are plenty of examples of this phenomenon, but these eight weapons represent some of the most iconic in videogame history.

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The Hidden Blade (Assassin's Creed)

The Hidden Blade is the primary weapon of the Assassin Order. It is worn strapped to the inside of the wrist, and can be activated to spring into position for stealth kills or open combat. It was upgraded over time to include a poison blade, a poison dart launcher, and even a gun. Later updates added a hooked blade used for disarming foes and utilizing ziplines. You can even buy real-life replicas at this point, if you really want one.

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