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8 Weird Simulation Games that Actually Exist

Ron Whitaker | 7 May 2015 16:30
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Everyone's played at least one simulator game in their life, and many of us have enjoyed them. Titles like The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and the Football Manager series have kept the genre in the limelight over the years, but there's also a bumper crop of oddball sim games out there. They're the games that make you say, "Who ever thought of making a game about that?" These eight of some of the strangest we've seen.

Ski Region Simulator 2012

"Show your technical and managerial skills," proclaims the box for Ski Region Simulator 2012. It puts you in charge of a small ski resort and tasks you with making it grow. To make it as realistic as possible, the game features actual snow management vehicles from Pistenbully. As you grow your resort, you'll add more vehicles and lifts, and you can explore that entire area on foot for some reason. It's developed by Giants Software, the some company that produced the Farming Simulator series.

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