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8 Awesome Voice Acting Performances in Videogames

Ron Whitaker | 19 May 2015 17:15
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As video games have become more and more realistic, voice acting has gone from an afterthought to a huge piece of game development. Not only have we seen established actors venturing into the world of videogames, we've also seen some high-quality, dedicated voice actors emerge as well. There are plenty of great performances to choose from these are our eight favorite voice acting performances of all time.

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Jennifer Hale - Commander Shepard (Mass Effect series)

Jennifer Hale's portrayal of the female Shepard in the Mass Effect series was pitch-perfect for the series. She embodied a fearless fighter who was out to save the galaxy no matter who got in here way. Sure, she was super gung-ho, but it fit the character so well. Plus, when you compare her to Mark Meer's male Shepard, Hale's version comes out on top, mostly because she offers up more nuance and emotion in her portrayal. She's also done a lot of work in the Metal Gear series, among many other games.

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