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8 of the Silliest Star Wars Characters

CJ Miozzi | 7 Jul 2015 18:00
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Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Han Solo... Star Wars has given us some of Hollywood's coolest characters, but some truly silly characters have also appeared throughout the six feature films. Taking a moment to recognize the bad allows us to appreciate the good that much more, so here are eight characters that just don't work.

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Nute Gunray

First off, why is your name Nute Gunray? Stop it. Stop being named that. That's like being named John Gunshot - it may work if you're a cowboy in a western, or maybe if Nute were a bounty hunter, but he's a politician for crying out loud.

Second, hurray for casual racism - though I suppose this can be said for a number of Star Wars characters. Drop the racially insensitive accent and change his name, and Nute could have actually been a decent character. But nope; apparently Lucas thought making his villains bumbling caricatures was a good idea.

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