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8 Gaming Franchises that Should Make a Comeback

Ron Whitaker | 8 Oct 2015 15:00
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It's always tough to see one of your favorite franchises come to an end. In the world of video games, this happens far too often. Luckily, what also sometimes happens is the resurrection of franchises. We're much more fond of the latter, and that's why we rounded up this group of eight franchises we'd love to see return to the market.

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The SSX series kicked off in 2000, and it immediately captured the attention of gamers with its outlandish stunts, over-the-top courses, and unique characters. The sequel, SSX Tricky, only upped the ante making things even more wacky. The third game was a bit of a step back, and the 2007 Wii version was just OK. In 2012, EA decided to reboot the series with a more realistic, darker theme. It failed to capture the interest of series fans, but a return to the style of SSX Tricky would definitely turn some heads.

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