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8 of the Most Abused Videogame Characters of All Time

Ron Whitaker | 23 Oct 2015 15:00
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The protagonist of a videogame isn't supposed to die. They're supposed to fight their way through the enemies and emerge unscathed into a brilliant white light. Yeah, right. These eight characters don't do that. They're some of the most abused you'll find in a videogame.

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Kratos - God of War series

The brooding, angry warrior became the "Ghost of Sparta" after he was tricked into killing his family, and that's just the beginning of his torment. In an attempt to have his vengeance, he's confronted gods, been tossed into Hell multiple times, and been stripped of his powers on several occasions. Despite all of that, he somehow fights his way out Unfortunately, it usually ends in wholesale destruction, and Kratos killing a friend in his own blind rage.

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