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8 Ways We'd Like to See Gameplay Change in 2016

Ron Whitaker | 5 Jan 2016 17:30
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The new year is always a time to look forward and talk about what we hope we'll see in the coming months. New games, new concepts, and in some cases, a return to concepts from the past are thrown around as options. Sometimes they happen, and sometimes they don't, but we don't care if they're implemented right now. We just want to show off some of the best ideas.

Many thanks to Level 7 Dragon for starting the thread!

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Highly flexible RPG class system
Suggested by: Mister K

Instead of a classic RPG where you choose a class and then level up, Mister K envisions a system where you choose to gain a level of any class each time you level up. This would let you build out a massively customized character, made up of bits of multiple classes, much like you can do in tabletop gaming. Your fighter might have a couple of spellcaster levels and a cleric level as well, just for utility's sake.

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