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Holiday Buyer's Guide 2012

The Escapist Staff | 28 Nov 2012 20:00
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is just what any gamer needs for an introduction to tactical strategy games. On the strategy side, you'll build your base from the ground up ... or down rather, since it's subterranean, and watch the panic levels rise across the globe, as you respond to various governments' pleas for help. When the aliens attack, you deploy your soldiers into a turn-based tactical squad combat environment, where you must meticulously plan each move, sniping aliens and avoiding ambushes. XCOM is a huge amount of fun crammed into bite-sized chunks of play, assuming you can actually put it down.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
You should probably make sure whoever you're buying this for doesn't already have it, as it broke Amazon's pre-order record, but this is a sure bet for anybody that likes shooters, zombies, or both. The campaign may leave a bit to be desired, but the expanded Zombies mode easily makes up for it with Tranzit, where you ride through town on a fortified bus, taking out zombies by the score. Of course, there is also multiplayer to keep in mind for those PVP-oriented gamers out there, which also serves as the focal point of the experience. But for me, it's all about the Zombies.

Magic: the Gathering - Return to Ravnica
Easily the most exciting set release in recent memory, Return to Ravnica brings the multi-colored and hybrid spells en masse. In addition, "shocklands" have made a triumphant return in this set, which should help lower the barrier of entry for larger formats, like Modern, by making these staple lands more readily accessible. If your friend or loved one plays Magic at all, some Return to Ravnica boosters will certainly make for a lovely stocking stuffer.

Half the fun of these little guys is trying to get them back into the cube shape they come in. 216 miniature magnetic spheres in each package allow you to design and create all kinds of neat structures in 2D or 3D. They're not for the young, however, and you should never, ever leave them where a child or pet can find them. They've also been discontinued, so it may well be the last chance you ever get to obtain the world's greatest desk toy.


Red Dwarf X
My earliest memories of Red Dwarf involve staying up until midnight and faithfully taping the reruns broadcast on late-night PBS. The show's ruthlessly clever wordplay had me captivated from the start, and the genuinely flawed characters' attempts to make sense of their uncertain fate were thoroughly relatable. Never in a million years did I expect to hear that more than a decade later the series had returned in full force, especially after that whole Back to Earth fiasco. What's more, the show is good again, getting back to everything we love about watching a ragtag band of misfits wander lost through space and time.

The Hole of Tank Girl
Most people know Tank Girl for its quirky but loveable 90s film incarnation, following the story's female protagonist through a rampage of violent shenanigans and cementing Lori Petty's place as a punk rocking feminist icon. What you might not know is that the film is based on a prolific comic series, now available for the first time in a complete hardcover collection including background material and previously unpublished parts of the story. The series is beautifully drawn and its fun, goofy, and often sexy storyline reminds us just how hard women can rock.

Boba Fett's Last Stand Dress
Being a chic geek is no easy task, requiring a great deal of consideration of both subject and form. Fortunately, the folks at Black Milk Clothing seem to get both, making it the perfect place to pick up that pair of Beetlejuice Leggings you've been coveting. Say goodbye to the little black dress and say hello to its TARDIS blue counterpart. Gone are the days of spending hours bent over that rusty old sewing machine! Although a bit on the costly side, the quality of these pieces is astounding, making it well worth the asking price. Not only will you be incredibly sexy, you'll be incredibly you.

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