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9 Cliché Sexy Thrillers of the 90s

Elizabeth Harper | 31 Jul 2014 12:45
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Color of Night (1994)
It doesn't matter if you didn't want Bruce Willis staring in a sexy drama with the much younger Jane March -- this movie exists anyway and the scenes between Willis and March are just as awkward as their 18 year age difference would suggest. In it, Dr. Bill Capa (Willis) is a psychologist who moves to LA to get away from it all after seeing one of his patients commit suicide. But the violence doesn't end here as bodies continue to drop. Through it all, Capa is seduced by Rose (March) who, in a not-so-surprise twist, turns out to be Capa's male patient Richie. (How can Capa be having sex with her without noticing that she looks exactly like one of his patients? It's clearly not her face he's paying attention to.)

It's Rose's brother who's doing the killing, worried that the knowledge of her dual identity will link her to his killings. Or something. You probably shouldn't try to apply too much logic to this plot.

In case this movie wasn't strange enough as filmed, you could always imagine it as some kind of bizarre prequel to The Sixth Sense. But, really, you're probably better off not watching it at all.

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