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Comedy Central's Life After Stephen Colbert

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman | 28 Apr 2014 16:30
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Samantha Bee and Megyn Kelly

Check out the new boss, same as the old boss

Hannity isn't Fox News' only Obama-era superstar. Another (in)famous fixture of the network is its affinity for what have derisively been nicknamed "News Bunnies," i.e. a small army of young female newsreaders who seem cast according to an alarmingly narrow aesthetic: Skinny, blonde, impeccably made-up and frequently clothed/photographed so as to accentuate physique over whatever they might have to say. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's skeevier - the way Fox exploits the sexuality of female anchors or the way others in the media seem to use it as another way of laughing off the idea of female anchors in general.

Thing is, whether or not Roger Ailes etc were actually looking for actual news-anchor talent in the Fox Blondes, they found it in Megyn Kelly, who has now been elevated to a prominent prime-time anchor position on the network. Sure, they put her behind a special transparent-glass news desk for the benefit of photographing her famous legs... but baby steps, guys - this is Fox.

You can probably see where this is going: Daily Show and Colbert Report both cater increasingly to a rising Millennial-generation audience that doesn't just support diversity but actively demands it. Late Night TV's status as a perennial Old Boy's Club is notorious, and a female-fronted Colbert successor built on moving the Fox-spoof crosshairs from O'Reilly to Kelly would be pretty damn notable. The obvious ideal host? Daily's Samantha Bee, one of the show's all-time MVPs. Small snag? Like husband Jason Jones, Bee already divides her Daily commitment with her own projects and family; so it's unclear that either of the want the workload.

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