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Comedy Central's Life After Stephen Colbert

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman | 28 Apr 2014 16:30
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Jessica Williams

Meet the new b-oh, screw the title gag - just give Jessica Williams a show

The Daily Show has been, to put it mildly, a star factory. Colbert, Steve Carrell, John Oliver, Rob Riggle, Mo Rocca... it's an impressive roster. But few have made as immediate and eye-catching an impact as correspondent Jessica Williams. A razor-sharp wit with a screen persona that can leap back and forth from serious to silly to deadpan rhetorical gut-punch on a dime and genuine presence you just can't teach.

Finding another version of Colbert's Fox parody would be the safer option for Comedy Central - you don't want to rock the boat when shifting lineups around. But giving Williams the helm of a kind of "2.0" version of Daily - perhaps one with a more specifically Millennial attitude-bent than Stewart (who at this point has gone from relating to his audience as contemporaries to being cable's most popular "cool professor") could be a winner as well. More pressingly: Williams is a star, and if they don't want to find a place for her to shine a smart competitor might do it instead.

Or, y'know, they could just makes The Daily Show a half-hour longer. That could work, too.

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