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Let's Watch The Iron Man 3 Trailer

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman | 26 Oct 2012 16:00
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00:48 Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen, another fixture from the Extremis series.

00:49 - 00:50 This patriotic-flavored suit of armor is yet another big import from the comics, where it's referred to as the "Iron Patriot" armor. Here's the short version: In the aftermath of a Skrull Invasion, the U.S. government turned control of The Avengers, etc. over to a cabal run by Norman Osborne (yes, as in The Green Goblin) who took to wearing an Iron Man suit repainted with Captain America colors as a public relations move.

Obviously, Norman Osborne isn't going to be in this movie, but so far there's no official confirmation on what function this suit serves in the film. The persistent rumor is that it's a new and improved paint job for War Machine (it has War Machine's shoulder-mounted gun), which actually makes a lot of sense and could be amusing regarding The Army giving their Iron Man a bandwagon-hopping Avengers-mania makeover. On the other hand, if this is a new bad guy I look forward to Stark getting really pissed at him for wearing his teammate's colors.

00:51 Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau, director of the first two movies) has been through some kind of explosion. Uh-oh - is somebody getting Coulson'd?

00:52 Killian puts the moves on Pepper Potts. Intrigue!

00:53 Stark in the hospital, stuck with what look like acupuncture needles. Extremis process?

00:54 - 00:56 Iron Man rips open a plane, then... saves the people who get sucked out? Okay, context would be nice, but looks like an impressive action beat. An as-yet unidentified narrator says, "Some people call me a terrorist." Hmm ...

00:57 Pepper in trouble. Thus far the movies have largely avoided that "hero's girlfriend in peril" stuff, so maybe they were due.

00:58 BOOM! The Ten Rings.

You'll remember that was the name of the totally-not-Al-Qaeda terrorist group in the first movie, but these are ten actual rings. And that can only mean one thing.

00:59 The self-driving(?) armor from earlier attacks Tony Stark. I'm going to reiterate that I really, really hope this turns out to be "the good guy fights his inner demons, literalized."

01:00 - 01:02 Mystery woman kisses Tony, mystery armor slams Tony through a table, Iron Man(?) emerges within orange fog, green robe guy has a pistol. Looks cool, who knows what any of it means?

01:03 - 01:07 Stark's house, being visited by more news helicopters - oh, wait ...

01:08 Holy Crap, they really did it. Sir Ben Kingsley as ... THE MANDARIN!

The Mandarin is Iron Man's #1 arch-nemesis in the original comics, a crimelord and would-be world conqueror of British and Chinese ancestry with a fixation on Genghis Kahn (the terrorist leader of The Ten Rings in the first movie had the same hangup) who affects the persona of a wizard, but whose powers are actually extraterrestrial in origin. He pilfered his Ten Rings of Power (each Ring does its own trick: Ice, Fire, Lightning, White Light, Black Light, Mind Control, Disintegration, Wind, Impact and "Matter Rearranger") from a crashed alien ship.

Even apart from the Rings, he's usually depicted as extremely formidable, able to fight Iron Man hand-to-hand - and win! - simply by virtue of martial arts expertise and mastery of chi. In the pantheon of "big threat" Marvel Villains, he's easily right up there at the top with folks like Doctor Doom, Kingpin, and The Red Skull.

... and I never really thought I'd actually see him onscreen.

The thing is, as great of a bad guy as he is, the comics' version of The Mandarin is kind of problematic - a relic of an earlier time when the "sinister Asian stereotype" was still an acceptable basis for a villain. The overt "Yellow Peril" aspect of his character has been mitigated over the years, but I still have to imagine a direct translation of him would raise eyebrows with 21st Century audiences who don't have a prior history with him like longtime Marvel readers do. Also, there's a more practical concern, as Iron Man 3 was shot partially in China in cooperation with the Chinese government with an eye on securing a big opening in China's booming moviegoer population, and a good way to not get those things is to feature a specifically Chinese villain being bested by a Western hero.

So, yeah, he's clearly not Chinese here (for the record, Kingsley is of mixed British and Indian heritage) but next to nothing has been revealed about what his background is otherwise. The low-level members of The Ten Rings terrorist group seen in the first film were of nonspecific Middle Eastern origins (or at least appeared to be) so setting Mandarin up as essentially "supervillain Osama bin Laden" makes as much sense as anything else.

01:09 And here's why I felt okay about devoting all that space to The Mandarin. This is pretty much the whole rest of the trailer - a fleet of choppers blast Tony Stark's coastal home into oblivion. One has to assume this is a longer, more complicated sequence in the actual movie; but they're still showing us an edited version of the whole thing here which is unusual for what's obviously a big moment in the story. The likely scenario is that this is the "money" scene with the closest to completion special effects they have right now.

01:12 By now, everyone is used to Marvel trailers intentionally including shots meant to get frame-by-frame reports like this one excited about easter egg "clues." In Iron Man 3's case, some - like this dashing rascal, for example - have thus far focused most of their attention on why The Mandarin appears to have a Captain America tattoo on his neck. But, for me, the true ultimate mystery of this trailer is revealed right here, in the background at the base of the stairs ...

... Why does Iron Man have a gigantic stuffed bunny in his house??

01:13 - 01:45 Iron Man and his house go down into the drink, cut to black, cue title cards. Nicely done, ending on a downbeat "stuff just got real!" note.

01:46 - 02:01 Tony Stark dragging his burden - literally - behind him in an act of self-punishing penance tinged with blunt religious allegory. Yup, this is a Shane Black movie.

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