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Let's Watch The Man Of Steel Trailer

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman | 14 Dec 2012 12:00
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1:38 - 1:44
Whoa. Okay. That's how you turn "You'll believe a man can fly" into "Holy sh*t! That guy can fly!" If nothing else, Zack Snyder knows how this stuff should look.

1:46 - 1:47
Very brief shot (unfinished FX, probably) of a massive hole being blown into a city, either by a giant laser punching into it or a giant laser erupting out of it. Hm. Okay, suffice it to say, Superman will be up against something a little bigger than Lex Luthor's real estate schemes in this one ... although isn't this awfully similar to the big Bad Guy Weapon from the Star Trek reboot?

Actually, Lex isn't even in this, supposedly, which means he'll either show up or be teased at the very end to be set up as the villain of the sequel. Because that's how Batman Begins used The Joker and that sequel made a gazillion dollars so that's what you do now.

Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer as Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, Superman's biological parents. Zurer is an Israeli television star whose biggest previous exposure was starring in Angels & Demons as the female lead.

Here's a shot that kills two birds with one stone: Borrowing the "here's some beefcake for the ladies" shot that worked out so well for the Thor and Captain America trailers and reinforcing the promise to remind everyone that Superman can be cool - because what's cooler than a guy who doesn't mind being on fire? Easy guess, this is the beginning of the "Clark is underwater during a fire" scene from the beginning. Pulling people out of a burning building? That looks like a job for Superman!

Spaceship goes boom. Context impossible to discern, but, hey - there's spaceships. Fun.

Spaceship arrives at what is almost definitely The Kent Farm. Hm. Hmmm.

I really, really, really hope that these are bad aliens calling Superman out for a fight and not Jor-El and/or Lara hand delivering Kal-El to the Kents. The fact that Superman came to the "right" foster family by happenstance, and that he just as easily could've turned out disastrously wrong, is one of the most vital things about his characterization. Superman is not Jesus - he's Moses. It's an important distinction.

Michael Shannon as General Zod. Michael Shannon as General Zod. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to just that. Shannon is one of our great "crazy man" actors. You've seen him in lots of things, most likely ... and after this people will hopefully remember his name.

Apparently, Zod will be sharing villain duties with Faora Hu-UI, who may or may not be the main antagonist. Traditionally, Faora's "deal" is that she was a Kryptonian serial killer who wanted to wipe out the male gender. I don't expect that to carry over, because both Snyder and Nolan already have enough "your movies have weird issues with women" baggage to deal with.

Superman knocked down. Be nice to know what that's about.

Laurence Fishburne (playing Daily Planet editor Perry White, which I'm sure someone is going to find inexplicably infuriating) and what I don't think is Lois Lane fleeing city destruction. Yup, the action will be big in this.

Unidentified lady in a cape watching destruction. Can't tell if this is Lara during the end of Krypton or Faora during ... something.

I have been back and forth over this frame about thirty times and I cannot tell what is going on here. Superman (maybe?) is tossing some ice around, and maybe there's a flare? I dunno.

And here's the shot that became the film's now infamous teaser poster: Superman in handcuffs, being perp-walked by military personel. The question isn't "Why can't he break the cuffs," folks - the question is "Why doesn't he?" Presumably, he's giving himself up to try and reason with the army, who would be at the forefront of the "humanity doesn't trust Superman" issue if that's indeed the premise. Especially if the bad Kryptonians reveal themselves first.

(That probably is the rough sketch of the story, by the way: "I dunno if I should be Superman... Oh crap! Bad guys who only I can fight! I guess I should be Superman.")

Mid-air super-punching. Good.

Bearded Clark doing some heavy lifting amid more flames, probably all part of that watery area rescue sequence.

2:01 - 2:02
Brief shots of stuff we've seen from different angles (they must not have that many finished FX shots to work with) plus a quick look at Christopher Meloni as an army Colonel whose role is still a mystery. It'd be fun if he had a scene with Shannon's Zod, since Shannon once played a memorable Law & Order: SVU villain.

Of potentially greater interest, the man standing next to Meloni is Richard Schiff, whose character is named Professor Emil Hamilton. Hamilton is a minor DC "oddball scientist" character who has more recently evolved into a villain who thinks metahumans (DC-speak for "people with superpowers") are a threat to humanity. Justice League Unlimited fans will remember him as the Cadmus scientist behind Galatea.

Superman versus a tornado? I'll take it.

Photo of Young Clark at a science fair. Oh, what a happy Bob I'd be if they brought back some of Superman's scientist/tinkerer persona from the Golden Age ...

Can't tell if that's Ma Kent or Lois Lane Superman is hugging (Hello? Goodbye?) here. I guess the takeaway is that Superman is very tall.

Superman, flying toward what I'll bet is the business end of the city-busting laser thingee. Getting a sinking feeling that whatever this thing is, it will also turn out to be the thing that destroyed Krypton ... and that said destruction will turn out to have been a deliberate act of villainy, which would be another instance of missing the point of the story.

Costume closeup. Okay, film/television costume design people? Help me out here ... why does every damn piece of clothing worn by people in genre movie now need to be covered with unnecessary seams, lines, details and raised tread-patterns? Is it some kind of compensation for HD? Just a trend? Because it's odd looking, and I don't really care for it.

Superman smashes (gets thrown?) into a bank vault, crumpling it like a tin can. Yes. Yes. This is the kind of stuff that's been missing from Superman movies for a long time.

2:10 - 2:17
Superman continues to face down the army (bet this comes before the handcuffs scene) and we finally get a good look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Spoiler: She just kinda looks like Amy Adams.

Verdict: I like the actors, like the scale, intrigued by the story ... but I'm very worried about the tone. Fingers crossed.

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