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Let's Watch Another Man Of Steel Trailer

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman | 19 Apr 2013 16:00
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01:54 - 02:03
The fantastic "up, up and away!" shot from the earlier trailer, now underscored by more Jor-El narration. On the one hand, I'm really liking the lack of irony in the grandeur with which he describes Superman's purpose. They're not dancing around the symbolism at all - this is a literal Messiah-figure, a "god" here to improve humanity by example.

On the other hand, I worry that they might've missed a pretty important element of the character: Superman's origin, traditionally, did has heavy religious/cultural undertones... but not specifically Christian ones. His creators were Jewish, and his origin was (intentionally or not) much more reflective of both the story of Moses and of the Jewish-American immigrant experience than it was of the Christ story.

Whoa. Okay, I have no idea what we're seeing in this blink and miss it flash of... something. Tendrils? Tentacles? A big swirly mass of... stuff?

I'll say this: If they've been punking us about the "gritty realism" stuff this whole time and that turns out to be Starro The Conqueror... well, then I'll believe that Warner Bros. has actually gotten its act together on the DC Universe movies.

On the other hand... Parallax? No. No, that's just not possible...

KA-BOOM! Plane crash! It almost looks like Superman body-slammed an airplane, in fact. The early buzz is that the action in this is way over the top.

Also! Weird quick shot of a four-winged flying animal (aircraft?) previously glimpsed in the Krypton War business at the beginning.

02:08 - 02:11
Superman fighting a light beam of some sort that kind of resembles the big planet-killer drill machine from the Star Trek reboot. Oh, come on guys - let's give Zod something slightly more novel to do than blow-up/strip-mine the Earth...

Kryptonian(?) spacecraft hovering at the Kent Farm. Yeah... not looking good for one or both of them. Quick shot of Michael Shannon as General Zod, our first good look at our presumptive main villain. It looks like he's being restrained here - about to get zapped off to The Phantom Zone?

Superman versus the army - the U.S. Army. Lack of "S" or not, I really like how the cape looks in all these shots. Supposedly it's been done almost entirely in CGI, to allow Cavill (filmed without cape) to have maximum movement and have the cape always look functional and cool. That right there is the kind of stuff you hire Zack Snyder for.

People in Kryptonian Armor looking over a city (Metropolis?) from way up high. So, Zod has a spaceship, then.

Michael Shannon is a great, great, great bad guy actor. You can more clearly see that Zod and his mates are in Kryptonian prison shackles here, and that he seems particularly dead-set on finding Kal-El.

Pretty sure that was a missile's-eye-view of... well, a missile. Fired at Superman.

02:17 - 02:22
Fireballs taking out a skyscraper, big guy (Zod?) in bulky battle armor, Superman moving at super speed in a firefight. Superman handily taking on a whole battalion's worth of military ordinance? Yes. Yes, let's have more of that.

Handcuffed Superman, now with semi-irony since we've now seen Zod similarly bound. It'll be awesome if he's just "being polite" by pretending that Earthling handcuffs can do a damn thing to him.

Mid-air fight, Superman vs. Zod or some other Kryptonian foe. For a long time, the four-way fight in Superman 2 was the best super-being fight scene ever committed to film... until that last fight in Matrix Reloaded. It would be nice to see Superman take the title back.

Aww man, it looks like Zod does just have the big planet drill thing from Star Trek. Hope it's building to something more interesting than "destroy the world!" and I really hope this isn't also what happened to Krypton, as that would be even lamer.

02:26 - 02:29
A woman (possibly Lara?) inspecting Kryptonian armor, more Super Pecs, frightened crowd, mid-air battle, explosions. Kind of losing the narrative thread here, but it's all very pretty...

02:30 - 02:33
Flying effects looking very, very good in this - that's the number one thing you have to get right.

02:36 - 02:46
Superman in custody (betcha this is where "Oh yeah, the cuffs are actually useless" goes) answering questions from Lois, being overseen by military. Cute banter, Adams and Cavill clearly have chemistry. Love that this Superman smiles, laughs, has a sense of fun about himself. There's always this worry about Superman not being "relatable" to an audience. One way to fix that? Show the audience that he has as much fun having godlike powers as they think they would.

The actual dialogue being spoken here? Less interesting. Yes, the comics have done the "The S is actually a Kryptonian symbol for ______" business before, but I really hope we're not going to get a lengthy Batman Begins-esque breakdown for every aspect of the Superman costume and persona.

See what I just said above about relating to the audience? Y'know what I'd say if I were Superman and someone asked me why I was wearing a big silly cape? "I can fly, benchpress buildings, punch the moon, see through walls and shoot lasers out of my eyes. I am basically Christ-Cu-Les - who's going to stop me from wearing a big silly cape?"

Always end on a high note: In this case, Superman punching a guy several miles, then zooming up to punch him several more miles. Approved.

Man of Steel opens June 14th, a little under two months from now. If it's a success, it's supposedly being set up as the start of a DC Movie Universe in the spirit of Marvel/Disney's Avengers experiment. This could still go either way, but right now I'm more encouraged than I had been.

We'll see.

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