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Let's Watch Thor: The Dark World's New Trailer

Bob Chipman | 9 Aug 2013 12:00
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01:18 - Explosions in a forest. It hasn't really been established if there's more to Asgard's ecosystem than that big city-state, so no way to tell if this is there, Midgard (Earth), Svartalheim or someplace else. Whever it is, it's being blown to crap by blue energy-bursts, so there's that.

01:19 - Jaimie Alexander is back as Lady Sif. In classical Norse mythology Sif eventually becomes Thor's wife; and in the comics they were an item in their youth, leading to romantic jealousy when Jane Foster enters the picture. Safe bet some of that will end up here.

01:20 - ...and so is Ray Stevenson as Volstaag The Voluminous. I really like that, in a movie full of brawny hunks, generally-buff Stevenson (who's no slouch in the Marvel Hero department himself) commits to playing the surly fat guy with the giant beard.

01:26 - "That was for New York!" And that, my friends, is why this inter-movie continuity thing is good for more than just keeping nerds focused on your product in-between movies. Plus, look at Hiddleston sell that reaction, perhaps thinking about how perfect of a new animated .GIF of him this bit is going to make.

01:34 - Thor, Loki and Jane traveling by boat. We are now on Thor's third movie appearance, and I'm still not entirely clear as to how he determines a given situation calls for sleeves or no sleeves.

01:36 - The masked fellows in the gold and black armor are, presumably, Dark Elves - Malekith's people. Since it's looking like he might not make a full head-on appearance in this trailer (he was in the teaser,) might as well get this out of the way...

MALEKITH THE ACCURSED is a Thor nemesis from Walt Simonson's legendary 80s run on the book. The ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalheim, he's a high-level magic user whose face is half-black/half-white. He typically seeks the Casket of Ancient Winters (the Frost Giant WMD from the first movie) and wields a Faerie-created magical hunting horn which he can use to summon a pack of supernatural hounds.

That's Christopher Eccleston's voice you're hearing, by the way, as Malekith. And if you ever wanted to know just how much Tumblr loves Tom Hiddleston, there's your answer: Dark World is basically Thor vs. The Doctor... and this has barely registered with them as yet.

01:38 - "Yeah, I work out. No big."

01:40 - Spaceship(?) in Asgard. That's new.

01:42 - "I'm actually in the film, too - not just narrating this trailer."

01:43 - Frigga (Thor's Mom, played again by Renee Russo) in a knife-fight with... whoa. Yup, that's Malekith! Huh. Can't see how this can end well for her...

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