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Let's Watch Thor: The Dark World's New Trailer

Bob Chipman | 9 Aug 2013 12:00
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02:00 - It sort-of looks like a pane of glass (or something transparent) is separating Thor and Jane here, but it goes by too quickly to tell.

02:02 - 02:07 - Hammer-retrieve, jumping-strike to Malekith, title-card. But... but there's still like 30 seconds to go...

02:11 - 02:15 - Big dude coming up for a fight. Kurse (aka Algrim The Strong) ( is supposedly in this somewhere, will this be him?

02:16 - NOPE! That's a KRONAN! Awesome. Totally awesome.

Kronan were actually the first enemies of Thor in the comics. Though not terribly effective ones, since they're basically just rock-monsters. He encountered them in his first appearance, where his origin was substantially different from the version in the movie. In the comics, Thor starts out as Donald Blake, a human doctor with a bad leg (he requires a cane) who stumbles upon an alien invasion (by the Kronan) while out hiking and finds Mjolnir when he hides in a cave. Turning out to be "worthy" of wielding the hammer, Blake becomes able to transform into Thor and easily send the Kronans packing.

It's not until much, much later that we discover that Dr. Donald Blake never actually existed: He's really been Thor the entire time, transformed into a more humble form and stripped of his memories by Odin to teach him a lesson in humility.

02:22 - Aw man, I kinda wish they'd saved that bit for the actual movie.

Thor: The Dark World opens in the U.S. November 8, there will almost certainly be one or two more trailers between now and then. After that comes Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April followed by Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015.

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