00:45 Marvel Studios logo. The audience is now in two distinct camps: "Oh, it's Thor!" or "Who is this, now?"

00:47 - 0:50 "We're off to see the wizard!" This'll be Asgard, kingdom of the Norse gods. Those familiar with actual Norse mythology will note that this is a departure from its traditional depiction. The film is taking its designs cues pretty heavily from the comics, most of which were set down by artist Jack Kirby in the 60s. Kirby was a big (I mean big) fan of the so-called "Ancient Astronaut Theory," which posited that deities of ancient peoples may actually have been super-advanced beings of extra-terrestrial and/or inter-dimensional origin - and his conception of Asgard generally reflected that.

00:50 - 0:55 A great hall - probably the Great Hall. I'm getting a very 1980s Flash Gordon vibe off this set, and I mean that as a compliment. That's Anthony Hopkins you're hearing, naturally.

00:56 Rear view of (I think) Thor and his less-than-heroic brother Loki (we'll get back to him).

00:57 - 01:00 And the fandom rejoices: Thor has been allowed to keep his signature Winged Helmet. Traditionally, the comics depict Thor's helmet with wings, Loki's with horns (see previous scene) and Odin's with both.

The dialogue here, incidentally, indicates that Thor is receiving a serious dressing-down from his dad, Odin - the king of the gods. The comics started out with a doctor named Donald Blake who shared a body with Thor's spirit and could transform into him, but later revealed a twist: Blake had actually been Thor all along - transformed into mere mortal (and stripped of his memories) by Odin to knock some humility into him. Looks like we're getting a version of that origin.

01:00 - 01:10 Unpleasant-looking snowy place. My guess? This is Jotunheimr - one of the Nine Worlds of Norse myth and home of Asgard's mortal enemies the Jotunn, here likely to be referred to as Frost Giants. We're seeing what looks like a battle with Thor, The Warriors Three (gimme a minute) and Sif - aka "the girl" - against what are either Jotunn, Trolls or something else. This would seem to be what Odin is so pissed about ... unprovoked war, maybe? (Was Thor looking for Jotunn WMDs?)

This is another aspect almost certain to have scholars of the authentic myths pulling at their hair, by the way: "Marvel Sif" is a bad-ass warrior woman with a (largely) unrequited tomboy/buddy crush on Thor.

Barely-glimpsed, but present, are The Warriors Three, Marvel-original Asgardian warrior pals of Thor: Volstagg (fat bruiser), Hogun (vaguely-Mongolian taciturn badass), and Fandral (dashing hero type.)

01:10 - 01:14 Anthony Hopkins as Odin. Take a knee, mortals, and respect his sweet golden eye patch. These costumes, incidentally, are insanely faithful to the material - they look every bit as accurate as Iron Man did. Bob approves.

01:15 And here's some casting that will probably be waaaaaay more controversial than it ought to be, sadly: Idris Elba as Heimdall, guardian of The Rainbow Bridge, aka the guy who dictates travel between Asgard and Midgard (read: Earth.) Might as well get it out of the way: Yes, it's somewhat unusual for a black actor to be playing a Norse god. No, I don't think it's reverse racism, political correctness or any other such nonsense it will inevitably be framed as. He's a great actor you'd usually never see in a role like this, and I'm excited to see where he takes it.

01:16 - 01:19 Our first glimpse of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Thor's brother and all-but-surely the main villain of the piece. It's widely assumed he'll also play a part in The Avengers as well.

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