01:22 Renee Russo (where has she been?) as Frigga, queen of the gods, plus a non-armored Sif.

01:23 -01:33 Yup, they're going with the "Thor gets busted down to Earth" story, though evidently without Donald Blake. This is our first good look at Mjolnir, Thor's magic hammer. In the Marvel mythos, Mjolnir is largely the source of Thor's powers.

01:36 - 01:45 Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Thor's Lois Lane. A nurse in the comics, she's here been upgraded to an astrophysicist - i.e. someone to facilitate exposition about how the science of this world is supposed to work. It's interesting that they've not directed Hemsworth to suppress his Australian accent.

01:47 Aaaaand something for the ladies. Fellas, when your wife/girlfriend turns out to be more amenable than expected to seeing this, that will probably be why.

01:48 - 01:52 "Your ancestors called it magic. You call it science. I come from a place where they're one and the same." Translation: "Anyone who's bent out of shape about how all this mythological stuff can co-exist with Iron Man and the others are advised to google Clarke's Third Law and get over it.

Looks like we have our storyline, incidentally: Thor is exiled to Earth, probably to earn his godly powers back through introspection and light superheroics. Gee, I hope no villains get the idea to start mucking things up while the best warrior is in the penalty box.

01:53 Thor is his civilian outfit. If you look behind him you can see Sif and The Warriors Three are there, too. Theory: This is "come back, Thor, we need help!" probably in the third act.

01:54 Thor hoists Mjolnir before a cheering Asgard crowd. Gorgeous. You could frame that shot.

01:55 - 01:56 Loki, playing with Odin's scepter. Usurping dad in Thor's absence?

01:57 Tornado. Possibly magic, possibly not. I'm really hoping that Thor's redemption does not solely involve rescuing helpless rural folk from disasters.

01:58 - 02:02 HOLY F*CK! THE DESTROYER! An animated suit of enchanted armor and one of the major enemies in the Thor mythos. I know it's The Destroyer because it looks exactly like it's supposed to. Just look at that thing. Awesome.

02:03 - 02: 04 Thor versus the Giants (Trolls) again, and our first live-action hammer-throw. The main value-added feature of Mjolnir is that if you throw it, it boomerangs back to you after striking its target. Thor's success as an action film will rest almost entirely on whether or not this function looks cool ... and it does.

02:05 - 02:07 Thor trying, unsuccessfully, to hoist Mjolnir from (presumably) that spot where it appeared to have crash-landed at the end of Iron Man 2. It looks like S.H.I.E.L.D. tried, also unsuccessfully, to dig it up then built the facility we saw Thor trashing at the beginning to contain it. And so we have another piece of plot: Thor needs to earn his hammer back.

This is the other trick to Mjolnir: Only Thor or someone equally worthy (or really, really, really strong) can actually lift it. In the comics, an alien named Beta Ray Bill (long story) and Captain America have done it canonically, and both Superman and Wonder Woman (really!) have lifted it in non-canonical crossover stories.

02:09 - 02:12 Thor and Loki, with full comic-accurate armor and weapons, fighting in Asgard. Nice.

02:13 - 02:18 Okay, there's not even words for how cool that hammer quake thing was.

02:21 Forward-leaping hero in action pose, cut to titles: "In 3D!" Eh, whatever. I'm not anti-3D in principle, and Dawn Treader proved that post-conversion doesn't always have to look as bad as it did for Clash of The Titans. I can't say it isn't appropriate for a movie built around a guy who throws a hammer at stuff, at least.

Prognosis: Definitely needs a bigger full trailer with a clearer narrative and more scope, but I'm liking where this is going.

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