Marvel Studios' shared-universe Avengers mega-project gets its "magic" injection from Thor. Is the public appetite for all things superheroic big enough even for a movie about Viking space-gods with magic hammers? Paul Bettany fights vampires for Jesus in Priest (because Legion was so good for his career), while Johnny Depp gambles that we're not sick of Jack Sparrow yet in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.


Ryan Reynolds dons the ring of The Green Lantern to battle a truly monstrous enemy: Warner Bros' inability to make a good superhero movie that isn't about Batman.

Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn was supposed to make X-Men 3, but quit when the studio got too pushy. Uber-hack Brett Ratner made it instead... and wound up killing the entire franchise. Now, Vaughn gets a second chance to set things right with X-Men: First Class - a prequel (and possibly also a continuity-reboot) with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as a young Professor X and Magneto fighting for Mutant Rights in the 1960s. The project has been incredibly secretive, but we're told to expect more comic-style costumes and fan-favorite villains The Hellfire Club. Also, no Wolverine - so everyone else might actually get to do something for a change.

Meanwhile: Pixar's worst movie is also, perversely, its most profitable, so get ready for Cars 2. For old-school sci-fi fans, there's also Rise of the Apes, with James Franco as a genetic engineer whose super-intelligent mutant chimpanzee inadvertently sets off a war between humans and apes that (Twentieth Century Fox is hoping) will ultimately bring about a new incarnation of the Planet of The Apes franchise. (The previous attempt at a remake didn't take.)


Captain America, a movie I've been waiting three decades to see, finally arrives this month. You'd think they'd put it out on the Fourth of July, right? Well, they didn't, because another big movie claimed the spot first. Which one? Transformers: Dark of the Moon, because the universe hates me. And speaking of long-awaited arrivals: The curtain comes down on the most ambitious multi-movie production in cinema history with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

What does the filmmaking-future look like for Jon Favreau now that he's turned down Iron Man 3? Cowboys & Aliens will offer a clue. And busy folks who've been suffering the torment of not being able to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Night At The Museum, and Madagascar at the same time will find their prayers answered as Kevin James wrangles talking animals in Zoo Keeper.


Nobody asked for The Smurfs, but we're getting it anyway. Oh boy! I hope there's a part where the swap out "smurf" for modern-day curse-words! Ooh! And maybe some "naughty" jokes about how there's only one girl! HA HA!

Jim Carrey jumps back into the family-comedy pool as the (human) star of Mr. Popper's Penguins. It'll ... wait. I remember this book. It was cute. Hm. How did I not know they were making this into a movie? And Angela Lansbury and Carla Gugino are in it, too? Huh. Y'know what? I have nothing snarky to say about this. (Yet.) I'm looking forward to this. So there.

Also coming: A new (and not terribly good-looking) Conan the Barbarian, a remake of the overlooked vampire classic Fright Night, another damn Final Destination movie, and Spy Kids 4. Sure, why not?

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