So, is The League of Shadows back? Is that them chanting over the title? Is some other guy the "new" Ra's Al Ghul? Is it his daughter Talia (an important character in her own right)? Will Christopher Nolan make my year by having Liam Neeson come bounding up out of a glowy green slime pit and go "Ha! All better!" to a dumbfounded Bruce Wayne - which, on the Bob-Scale-Of-Superhero-Movie-Awesomeness, would be only one notch below Superman showing up with a Justice League invitation? (Spolier: Probably not.)

The biggest question mark, obviously, is the total absence of even a glimpse of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman - probably the third most well-known character in the entire Batman pantheon. Dark Knight's entire ad campaign focused on reminding audiences that The Joker was returning to the big screen, after all; one would imagine that "Catwoman is back!" would get similar treatment. If nothing else, it'd give the cosplay girls a nice heads-up on what materials and colors they're all going to need - there's a bulk buyer for Jo-Ann Fabrics watching this teaser going "You're killing me, guys!"

Unless, of course, someone on the production staff has suffered a minor brain injury and decided that the film doesn't need Anne Hathaway to appear as a rubber clad, cat themed dominatrix, and they're de-emphasizing her presence to let us down gently. (Spoiler: There is no way to convey "no Anne Hathaway in fetish gear" to me that would constitute "gently".)

The Amazing Spider-Man

As before, take a look.

There's a part of me that wants to gloat about how much people hate this trailer, given all the crap I've taken for pointing out the unlikeliness of it being good and the cynicism of its creation previously. But that part is restrained (for now) by the understanding that trailers are hard to cut when an FX-heavy film like this hasn't been even halfway finished yet. But, yeah, this is one horrible ad; and in terms of what it was supposed to do - get a skeptical, reboot-fatigued fanbase slightly more open to the possibility that it might be good - I can't call it anything but a disaster. Memo to Sony: Green Lantern also had a trailer that everyone hated but a "better" Comic-Con panel with an endearing star moment that everyone loved. Just something to think about.

Strangely, the stuff that's bothering most people about this is the stuff that rolls right off me: Yeah, it's another origin story - lame, but probably necessary. I can deal with that. Yeah, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker looks like Edward Cullen as a garage band front man; and yeah, Tobey Maguire's hopeless King Nerd was much closer to a traditional depiction, but those films were superficially modernized tributes to the 60s vibe of the original books. If you're really going to update this stuff, it's worth working in how much the visual shorthand of "social outcast" has changed since then. Garfield's Parker looks like a whiny hipster introvert, fine - that's probably what a 21st century Spider-Man would be. The new costume is pretty grotesque, but they probably felt they had to redesign it to more fully separate it from the original films. And yes, that ghastly CGI point-of-view bit at the end looks like a Wii port of Mirrors Edge - but there's time to make those kind of FX better.

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