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Dominion Review: Why Vega Is Probably Doomed

Elizabeth Harper | 30 Jun 2014 08:00
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Gabriel's left the angel orgy to have a chat with Michael -- who is not, despite Gabriel's hopes, interested in discussing terms of surrender. This turns into an epic discussion of the angels' daddy issues, which are many. This is ground Supernatural has pretty thoroughly tread on and to more entertaining results, since their angelic host is more entertaining than the very generic characters we see in Dominion's angels. Michael is cool and aloof, intelligent but not sure how to interact with the humans around him on their terms. Gabriel is quite the opposite, expressing emotions to the point where Michael easily goads him into a fight. And on that note, why don't the two of them fight this out and let everyone else get on with their lives? Apparently that wouldn't ale up enough air time, so the story will continue to dance around the possibility of a great war.

Meanwhile, the Helena delegation is imprisoned after the assassination of Jeep last episode by an angel disguised as one of their own. In a power play by Whele, they've been stripped of their ceremonial robes -- and when Whele calls Akira, their leader, to see him he doesn't allow her to dress, first, so she's wearing nothing but undergarments before Whele and his guards. Akira is savvy enough to see through this: Whele wants something from her. "Helena has the only air force left and I need it," he says, planning on using her as a bargaining chip to get what he wants.

But Whele doesn't predict that Arika can be just as underhanded as he is: she convinces the rest of the delegation to poison themselves (or helps them along to it) in order to frame Whele for their deaths, something sure to bring war down on Vega unless Whele cooperates with her. It's an impressive reversal of fortunes, but it seems odd that for all Whele seems to be intelligent, this level of underhandedness -- no worse that you can see him doing himself -- has caught him off guard.


Riesen family drama continues as both father and daughter do a complete 180 on their positions from the previous episode -- the elder Riesen is no longer planning on resigning due to the angel attack, but now Claire seems to want him to step down and let a republic rule the city. The whole exchange is pretty confusing. While it makes sense for Riesen to have rethought his position with the city under military threat, Claire's change of heart seems to be entirely based on not wanting to marry William... though she also doesn't seem to want to run away with Alex.

The one surprise here is that Riesen does realize Claire's in love with Alex and mentions it when she won't bring it up herself.... however, he's not willing to budge on the point, telling her "You and William could run this city." But apparently that's not the only reason Riesen wants the marriage to happen -- he has congestive heart failure and he could die at any time... not that Claire realizes that.

Sneaking in to see Claire -- again, which can only lead me to believe that security is terrible -- Alex runs into a maid who spots his tattoo. For a second, I think his cover is blown, but then she leaves the room and sprouts wings, so something worse is clearly about to happen.... except Alex makes it to Claire's room first. He apologizes, at least for calling her a spoiled princess. He says he'll stay in Vega and they can work it out, which of course means make-up sex. (And as much nudity as SyFy can get away with, which means some creative camerawork and posing.)


On his way out, however, he bumps into the angel he met earlier -- with her wings spread there's no mistaking her for anything else. In the fight scene that follows Alex surprisingly manages to hold his own -- a real shodk considering the lack of combat prowess we've seen from him so far. He finally lures her into a kitchen where he turns up the gas stoves and then throws a lighter towards her... which seems to set her wings on fire, but otherwise does little damage. She flies off through a window, wings dramatically ablaze.

Alex, who shouldn't be here in the first place, slips away in the post-attack confusion, intending to leave Vega for good this time -- he's a target and putting the people he cares about in danger. When Claire finds him and offers to go with him, he says no -- he couldn't live with himself if anything happened to her. They have this exchange in the open barracks room, so surely no one heard them. In the end, Alex leaves to spend the next episodes wallowing in solitary angst. Who isn't looking forward to that?

Oh, and General Risen is sleeping with an angel. I don't know what's happening with that, either.

So will we all be tuning in next week to see where this show goes next? Get your drinking games ready, because we've got a whole season of Dominion to look forward to!

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