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24: Live Another Day Premiere Recap

Philip Harris | 6 May 2014 19:30
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And now we finally get to Derek Yates. Basher's place, which looks like a set from Trainspotting, is pretty much what you'd expect: videogame-esque baddies hanging out with a bunch of dangerous looking computer equipment and guns. Yates is stashed in a back room with his girlfriend, a woman with a strange sounding accent who can't help but be all over him. I can't really blame her, except that all that guy-liner and eye-shadow make Yates look like a scared raccoon. We quickly learn that Yates is the hacker who took control of the drones that killed the soldiers and that he's working on some equipment that will eventually assassinate the president. But, is he doing this for himself, or is he working for someone?

He's working for someone. And not just any someone, either. Yates gets a phone call from his boss, a woman in the shadows of a Tudor estate with diamond-paned windows I'm imagining is in the countryside. Her voice is familiar. She finally moves into the light and-it's Catelyn Stark! That is, it's Michelle Fairely. Well, I'm glad to see she's gotten some work after what went down at the Red Wedding. So, she's behind it all. But, does she work for someone? Your guess is as good as mine.

Jack, who was going to ambush Yates himself, of course, is offered the help of Chloe, who for some reason is super devoted to Bauer. What's their deal? I know she's been on the show before, but he doesn't seem like the nicest guy to be friends with. I mean, all that brooding and the Christian-Bale-as-Batman voice-eesh, too much. Well, they're together, and so they're off to get Mr. Yates.

They pull up to the giant apartment complex, fool around with some machines, and Bauer finds his way directly to the apartment with the baddies. There's a scuffle, and Yates and his lady escape through the window. Jack sorts out the baddies and goes after Yates, only after he's grabbed a flash drive from Yates' computer. Just as Jack is about to get them, Kate from the CIA shows up with a whole team in toe. Surprise! Their appearance allows Yates and his gal pal to escape. The CIA is about to shoot Jack, when, from a balcony, Basher (with a bleeding neck wound thanks to Bauer) starts shooting, causing chaos all over the damn place. There's a standoff, and Jack catches Kate, telling her they're looking for the wrong guy. Again, Carrie on Homeland does this burden-of-truth stuff way better. Throughout the whole two hours, Jack's dialogue was laughable: "I don't have any friends." "I owe him." "There's no going back for me." Oy vey.


Well, Jack manages to escape with the help of Chloe who has hot-wired a car and happens to be right where Jack exits the basement of the building. They drive off, waiting for their next heart-racing adventure.

And now that he's gotten away, Yates and his gal have stopped for a pint, because hacking into the American drone computer system is thirsty work. When Yates decides to break the seal, he takes his computer equipment to the bathroom, where his girlfriend appears. Looking forward to a little bathroom action, Yates lets down his guard. Silly boy. The girlfriend stabs him in the side of his face, takes the computer equipment, and bounces from the bar. Walking away, she pulls of her wig (she's got red hair!) and calls someone on her mobile phone. It's Catelyn Stark again! Actually, her character's name is Margot, and the young redhead is her daughter! I thought her accent sounded a little funny.

And so the two-hour season premier comes to an end. Overall, it dragged. The dialogue was rough, and the conflict just doesn't seem weighty enough to carry a whole show. The core of the conflict seems to be drones and surveillance. That just doesn't work. In a show like Homeland, the drones aren't the plot's axis. Just as with the U.S. Government, the drones are tools that are readily available, a given. Of course there are drones out there; of course they're dangerous. But, that's what the world is now. Can Jack Bauer change that? Only time will tell. He doesn't have long though, just about ten hours left.

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