24 Live Another Day
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Recap

Philip Harris | 13 May 2014 16:00
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One of the subplots involves Kate, the lady who didn't realize her husband was a bad guy and who, in the last episode, was about to leave her job when she was distracted by Jack Bauer, who I'm convinced she has a crush on, returning to the grid. She has Basher, the guy who was housing Derek Yates, on his knees with his baddy cronies. She wants answers about Jack Bauer, and well, they're not cooperating. It was very disheartening, and just this side of offensive, to see a beautiful white woman questioning a group of Middle-Eastern men on their knees right in front of her, especially when its revealed a minute later that she's holding them on no grounds and that they're to be released. She can't completely agree to that, so she bashes Basher (see what I did there) in the head for further questioning. When she and her African-American partner are driving around London, their conversations and mannerisms made me feel like their scenes could be interchanged with shots directly out of Crisis.

As Jack is approaching the embassy, sporting some fabulous aviator sunglasses, we see Chloe's boss force one of the workers at not-Wikileaks to ensure Jack is tagged upon entering the security gates. Chloe realizes this a little too late and tells jack to run. Of course, chaos ensues and a few people are shot. In the end, Jack makes it into the embassy, because of course, why wouldn't he?

Back at the estate, Naveed is still troubled. Come to find out, it's not the fact that Simone has to get it on with strangers for the sake of her greater promise to the cause, it's the actual terrorism itself. Whoah, Fox, way to be racially provocative: have the actual Middle-Easterner be the voice of descent in a family of terrorists. So ironic! And of course, to quell his misapprehensions, his wife Simone seduces him with a blowjob while her mother Margot watches via the security cameras. When does the brother get in on the action? Poor kid is stuck with all the coding while everyone else is either watching or having sex. Terrorism is so not fair.

The other secondary storyline involved President Heller getting ready for his big presentation before parliament. Mark, his son-in-law still thinks it isn't a good idea to stand before another government's ruling faction, but the president will not be swayed. Naturally, when the president is before the Brits, it's veritable blood bath of insults and awkward silence. Meanwhile, Mark is forging President Heller's name on documents that would give Jack Bauer to the Russians. Little does he know that Jack Bauer isn't anyone's to give. Speaking of President Heller, does anyone else find it hilarious that his name is the phonetic pronunciation of how Mable "Madea" Simmons says "hello?" Anybody?

Well, things are moving right along in London. It's only a matter of time before the near-mute Jack Bauer saves the day with his bag of tricks and earnest demeanor. I'm still not understanding some of the stylistic choices. For instance, what is up with Chloe's makeup? She looks like a goth chic who got lost on the way to the opera. And speaking of eyes, why did Mark and Chloe's boss both have such obvious evil eye stare when they were getting away with their devious deeds? Mark even goes as far as to look around the room after he's forged the president's signature. Hopefully those sorts of obvious cues will be ironed out in the next few hours.

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