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24 Review: Just When You Think You've Figured it All Out

Philip Harris | 24 Jun 2014 15:30
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It was the perfect time for Margot and Ian to die. The discussions they were having about "honor" and "keeping one's word" were becoming more tedious than sifting through CIA data to find a mole. It was definitely their time to fall, literally. They'd been duped by the president -- Does he even have Alzheimer's? Nothing makes sense anymore! -- and were cooped up in a little room in an old building in East London. Nothing sounds more like the end of days. It was easy for Chloe to ask Adrian to find their location, and when they did, Jack was there lickity-split to make sure they weren't going to bomb Waterloo station. (Which I thought was named after an Abba song. Then again, I'm just an American, what do I know?)

With them dead, it was time to focus our attention on another plotline. Remember Jordan, the CIA agent who was shot by an assassin, only to make it out alive and fight said assassin again? Yeah, well, this time the assassin actually killed him. With he and Ian dying in the same show, I'm not sure what man-candy we have left, besides Benjamin Bratt -- not that I'm complaining. So, yes, Jordan is dead, and one of Kate's informers tells her before Navarro can clean up the mess. The rest of the episode is really about watching Benjamin Bratt sweat. He thinks he's got everything worked out, that he's in the clear, but sadly, that's just not the way it goes on 24. He should really be watching the show because then he'd realize that nothing is ever as it seems in 24-land. How's that for meta?

Like I said, Navarro thinks he's got everything under control. That is until Jack Bauer himself walks in with the override device he just took from Ian and Margot. Navarro needs that device to trade for safe passage and a new identity -- provided by Adrian, of course, who is all sunken-cheeked and pining for Chloe -- but Jack is in the way. So far, Navarro's been in the tightest spot. How the hell is going to get out of the CIA headquarters with a highly confidential piece of computer equipment? Sure he's the director, but even that has its limits.


It only takes Jack a few minutes to figure out Navarro's the bad guy. Somehow Kate doesn't put any of this together. I expected her to figure it out, but alas, I was the more deceived. There's an awesome chase scene through the CIA building, but of course Navarro gets away because we still have three more hours of the series. This is when the biggest twist of the show is revealed. Chloe and Adrian are boning! Chloe tells Jack that she can't help him anymore and she gets in the car with Adrian, whom she kisses!

What?! Didn't see that coming! Also, Adrian implies that she's giving him a second chance (which is par for the course), suggesting that while Jack was in personal exile Adrian and Chloe had something going on. The scandal! As they drive into the night, Adrian gets a call from Navarro, requesting pick up. They head to pick him up, Chloe having no idea she's about to meet a director of the CIA.

Now, what's interesting about this storyline is the fact that Adrian keeps saying he's acting as a middleman -- but who does he work for? I put my money on Belcheck, Jack's Serbian confidante. He keeps showing up, and in tonight's episode, as he's transporting President Heller safely back to the secret service, the writers made it a point to repeat his name a few times. With President Heller safe, we see the camera hold on Belcheck for a few seconds. I think he's behind the whole thing and is paying Adrian to get the override device. And now that I think about it, they did have a few steely glances together back at not-Wikileaks.

Then again, nothing is ever as it seems in this show, and for all I know, Audrey could be behind it all. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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