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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 8: The Well

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman | 20 Nov 2013 16:53
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  • May says she was able to deal with the Berserker Staff dredging up whatever her version of Ward's well-flashback was because she already "sees it every day." Is she talking about general nihilism/self-hate, S.H.I.E.L.D in general... or one of her teammates specifically?
  • Peter MacNicol is always awesome. Can he be a regular? Failing that, can he be a part of Thor 3?
  • This is the first episode where Skye is basically a non-entity, which I like. The character is fine, and I get that she's the audience-POV, but an ensemble has to occasionally be able to function without finding a spot for everyone "just because."
  • Chances that Ward's evil brother will turn up as a heavy before the season is out, now that at least a version of him has been onscreen? Better than 70%, I'd say.
  • At the end, while musing with Randolph as to where the Asgardian might make his next undercover home, Coulson eagerly recommends Portland, Oregon and it's "excellent philharmonic." Recall from The Avengers that Phil was looking to rekindle a relationship with an unnamed female cellist. This is, unless I've missed a beat, the first reference to that thread since the movie.

  • May/Ward is probably a misdirection, but I'd like it not to be. We'll probably find out that the "help" she offered him before was one of those Tai Chi workouts she's pitched to Coulson before, or that they just split the whisky and talked about Tough People Problems; but it'd be fun to monkey-wrench the formula romantic-rectangle they'd been building between Sexy Agent Duo and Nerdy Agent Duo. Plus, how refreshing would it be for a genre show to acknowledge that women don't magically lose their sex drives - or ability to woo the handsomest guy in the vicinity - after 40?
  • That having been said... The established dynamic of Agents is familial: Coulson and May are the grownups/parents, Ward and Skye are the older/popular children, Fitz/Simmons are the younger/nerdy children. Not to be vulgar, but given Ward's established (and here reinforced) "angry/unloved little boy" psyche, there's a certain, well... Freudian logic to him at least thinking about bedding the Team Mom.
  • I had assumed we wouldn't get resolution on what's really going on with Coulson until the end of the season, but that was before we got the who were Skye's parents? mystery. To me, that feels like a more proper place to end/pause on because it's "native" to the show while everything about Coulson is still carryover from the movies. In other words, I bet we get at least some major revelations about him in the near future.
  • Coulson's dream-sequence this episode, for what it's worth, makes it seem like "Tahiti" is an implanted false memory - one of the Marvel Universe's favorite ways to rewrite established continuity.


Speaking of Coulson's dream, he and his Tahitian masseuse do the "Did I fall asleep?" / "For a little while" call-response from Whedon's Dollhouse before he's shocked awake by said masseuse dropping the It's a magical place phrase. Cute reference. Would it be "something" for Whedon to sneakily make Dollhouse retroactively part of the Marvel Universe? Yes. Do I expect it's the case? Nope.


We'll apparently get more details about Agent May's past as The Agents investigate a young woman being followed around by bad luck - and maybe something else - in the... interestingly-titled Repairs.

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