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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Review "The Lion and the Rose"

Greg Tito | 14 Apr 2014 20:00
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But Tyrion knows it is not nothing. Through it all - all the torture, all the stupid things that Joffrey has done, all the wrongs, all the pain Tyrion has suffered from his family - his nephew is his blood, and the dwarf is genuinely concerned there is something wrong with his king. But by then it is too late. Margeary yells, "He's choking!" The boy falls, grabbing at his neck. Jaime Lannister rushes in and tries to turn over the heaving, vomiting boy. Cersei screams at him to not touch her son and holds the purpling face in her hands.

The wedding is in disarray, but there are several details of which to take note. Dontos whispers in Sansa's ear that they have to leave right now. She does. Tywin stares at his grandson dying with little emotion. Tyrion picks up the king's cup, correctly guessing that maybe it was the vector for poison but this time his intelligence leads to trouble instead of safety. Joffrey in his death throes reaches for Tyrion, and Cersei latches onto that gesture as an accusation. "Take him! Take him! Take him!"

The closing shot of Joffrey's disgusting, purple face is superb. Blood leaking out of his eyes, nose and mouth, he is finally as ugly as his horrible actions. He's murdered whores, terrorized people, and caused the death of direwolves. There's not one audience member watching Game of Thrones who feels sorry for the child king's death.

I think the Hound said it best: "Fuck the king."

Long live Tommen Lannister ... err Baratheon ... Oh wait, you don't know who he is? Well, the show can't get everything right.

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