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Game of Thrones Season 4 Ep 7 "Mockingbird": The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing

Ross Lincoln | 20 May 2014 10:30
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We've been waiting for this since he first held a knife to Ned Stark's throat and told him "I told you not to trust me."

As the episode draws to a close, we find Sansa slowly adapting to her life in The Vale with her aunt Lysa and her newly-minted Uncle, Littlefinger. We first see her building a replica of Winterfell out of snow when her cousin, Robin, he who still breast-feeds, comes to talk. He's a well-meaning child, but he's spoiled rotten and his intense enthusiasm for throwing people out of the Moon Door clearly worries her. Having learned much from her imprisonment at King's Landing, Sansa knows how to pretend to agree with Robin, but a brief misunderstanding causes poor Robin to throw a hissy fit, which destroys the Winterfell replica. Sansa, clearly influenced by her husband Tyrion's example of how to handle psychopathic children, slaps him, which causes him to run away crying.

Sansa shouts apologies as he leaves, but before she can chase after him, Littlefinger appears in the courtyard and delivers some rather fatherly advice to her. "If you want to build a better home," he tells her, "first you must demolish the old one." Things then take dangerous turn, as Littlefinger confesses his undying love for Catelyn Stark, and expresses his feeling that in a better world, he would have been Sansa's true father. It's disturbing enough, but then he tells Sansa that she's more beautiful than her mother, and kisses her. Sansa pulls away, but not fast enough, as her aunt Lysse has seen the whole thing from afar.

Shortly thereafter, Lysa confronts Sansa about the kiss, and flying into a rage, opens the Moon Door and threatens to shove Sansa through it. It is at this moment that Littlefinger appears, all sweet talk and charm, to convince Lysa to back down. He approaches Lysa, offering sincere-sounding reassurances of his affection for her, but as he gets close enough to touch, his fangs come out. "I have loved only one woman, only one my entire life," He tells Lysa. She smiles, palpably relieved to hear it, but it's not what she hoped to hear. "Your sister," Littlefinger continues, just before he pushes her out the moon door, plunging to her death.

The whole episode had characters confronting monsters. Tyrion faced not only his family, but his own damaged self-conception. Arya her would-be rapist. Daenerys the possibility she herself might become the very thing she seeks to destroy. Jon Snow his smallminded superior officer whose jealousy and bitterness may yet destroy them all. But Sansa got the worst of it. Displaying a limited talent for navigating dangerous, unpredictable people earned from years spent being tormented by the Lannisters, she's been ostensibly freed, only to discover that her protector is perhaps the worst of all the monsters she's encountered.

Littlefinger tells Sansa earlier in the episode that he wants "a better world, one where love could overcome strength and duty." To do it, he's going to demolish the old one. Unfortunately, he's made Sansa his accomplice.

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