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Commentary on "Lord Snow"

Justin Clouse | 2 May 2011 21:49
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At Castle Black, ALLISER THORNE is drilling the new recruits, though drilling consists of pitting all of them against "Lord Snow". We see Lord Commander JEOR MORMONT "The Old Bear", father of Jeroh the exiled knight with the Dorthaki. James Cosmo, who you might remember from Highlander or Braveheart, really stood out for me as a great fit for the role, playing the grizzled, past-his-prime commander of the Night's Watch. (Now, where is the raven cawing for corn? The bird and the Old Bear were practically inseparable in the books, with it more than happy to butt into his conversations with continued requests for food, rather like a feathery cat.) After a sound thrashing from the trained Jon Snow, several of the boy recruits attempt to assault him but Tyrion threatens them into standing down, and Jon Snow relates that he has come to realize that the Night's Watch is not quite the noble elite order he believed it to be, it now being made up more of rapists, brigands and thieves than stalwart heroes defending the realm. He is especially bitter that no one, other than the mocking Jaime, made this plainly clear to him.

Cersi meanwhile is understandably a little distraught with Jaime now that word has reached them that Bran is awake and likely to live long enough to let folks know who tried to kill him. Jaime tries to console her that it's simply the word of a child against theirs and he'd go to war with everyone until it was just her and him left, further turning up the temperature for this pot to over boil into a bloody mess. Again the editors choose to juxtapose the two houses, because we cut to Ned and Catelyn saying their goodbyes. They need more evidence than the dagger to present to the King and the only other lead had his neck ripped out by a dire wolf. Ned sends her away under secrecy because it is too dangerous, not even allowing her to see her daughters.

Speaking of the King, Robert meanwhile is sharing war stories of first kills with BARRISTAN SELMY, sometimes called Barristan the Bold, the commander of the Kingsguard, an elite order of knights sworn to protect the King. Robert belittles Jaime for now having to serve as his glorified door guard. We see that Jaime has some measure of respect for Barristan, but the King presses the issue and demands to know what The Mad Kings last words were. Jaime reveals the previous king had just been repeating "burn them all" over and over, alluding to his plans to set the whole city ablaze. During this scene, we are also introduced to another Lannister in the King's inner circle, his squire LANCEL, who will soon become a very pivotal character.

We finally cut away to check in on the Dothraki. I'm still a little disappointed that the Dothraki horde is more a narrow column than a khalasar horde 40,000 warriors strong, but I am hoping this is simply the show's creators conserving their budget for some more pivotal scenes down the line. Daenerys calls for a stop and commands them to wait until she's finished exploring, which angers her brother greatly as he does not think it's her place to command him. Before he can strike him though, a whip lashes out and ensnares him around the neck. I'm fairly certain this is supposed to be one of Drogo's BLOODRIDERS and will serve a continued and greater service to Daenerys as the series progresses.

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