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Commentary on "A Golden Crown"

Greg Tito | 23 May 2011 21:00
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To be honest, the only minor characters that I feel have been short-changed are the direwolves. After getting a lot of attention in "The Kingsroad," the wolves have been nearly ignored. In my mind, the direwolves are why the Stark children are such great characters and by leaving out the special pets of each child, an important part of their psyche is missing from the portrayal. I understand that bringing animals to the production increases costs, but the creators missed a golden opportunity to show Grey Wind and Summer in the fight with the Wildings in this last episode. Do we even know the wolves' names by this point? Come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing Robb with Grey Wind. Will we know why Robb Stark is such a fearsome combatant in season two if he never has his direwolf with him?

I'm also worried about BERIC DONDARRION. The Lightning Lord was originally introduced during the Hand's Tournament, but in "A Golden Crown" he's called out of the blue by Ned Stark to chase down SER GREGOR CLEGANE. I suppose with so many other threads, stories and characters to introduce, letting the audience know about Dondarrion was a small concern seeing as he only becomes truly important after he is killed (the first time) and founds the Brotherhood Without Banners. More troubling is the lack of an appearance by Thoros of Myr. The Red Priest would have been a great way to show the differences in the faiths of Westeros, and the flaming sword could have been a fun spectacle during the tournament. He's supposed to go with Dondarrion, so maybe we'll see him when Arya finds the Brotherhood, but it won't likely be until season three. Meeting Thoros of Myr now would have done wonders for the audience recognizing the Brotherhood later.

The scene of Ned Stark sitting on the Iron Throne and meting out the King's Justice was cringe worthy, just as it was reading the book. Stark is trying to do too much, too fast, and he is clearly manipulated into the harsh decision by LITTLEFINGER. Despite the realization of JOFFREY's blonde hair coupled with knowing "the seed is strong," I thought there could have been a little more lead up to Ned's decision to take the course he did, because it really is the first time we see him use his influence so strongly. Every event that occurs after is affected by Stark's decision in this scene, making it the climax of the season. He can't go back. Eddard Stark's fate is sealed after he denounces the Lannisters in public.

After his actions on the throne, Ned Stark puts the blade that cuts off his own head into SER ILYN PAYNE's hand. Damn those bloody, honorable Starks.

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