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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Heather Barefoot | 9 May 2014 15:00
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Episode Three

alison hendrix

Piecing together information from Alison and Cosima, Sarah realizes that these lookalikes aren't actually twins, but are instead clones, and that she and seven other women all share the same genetic material. Cosima explains that Katja contacted Beth with concern that her genetic identicals were being hunted across Europe. She appeals to Sarah to stay a cop and use the resources at her disposal to protect the clones, as Beth did before committing suicide.

With Sarah back on the force, she finds that Art has discovered Katja's body. She also overhears a phone call to Art where a distorted voice-changer produces a warped version of the earlier riddle, "She was just one of a few. Unfit for family. Horse glue." Yikes.

Art and Beth follow a tip on Katja's murderer to an apartment with renditions of Biblical verses written in red on the walls. Sarah pursues the murderer only to find herself face-to-face with another clone, this time with dyed blonde hair and a thick Eastern European accent (bringing the clone count to 9). Sarah stabs the blonde clone with a piece of rebar and steals her knife with a custom winged-fish handle.

Episode Four

art and sarah

Back as Beth, Sarah and Art get more intel on Blonde Clone, who has been profiled with severe early-childhood developmental issues and was raised by an extreme creationist religious group. Sarah receives a call from Blonde Clone, who gives her name as Helena and demands a meeting.

After more research, Sarah finds that Maggie Chen had a winged-fish branded on her skin and believes that Maggie Chen belonged to the same extremist group that raised Helena. Cosima confirms that Helena's abusive childhood at the hands of this group has crafted a mindset where killing off her clones equates redemption in the eyes of God. Helena gives Sarah yet another call, demanding a meeting.

As Sarah heads to the meeting, Alison pretends to be Sarah at her meeting with Kira. However, Kira immediately calls Alison out about not actually being her mother and we get another sense that there is something special about Kira.

Sarah goes to meet Helena at Maggie Chen's old apartment and finds out that Helena believes she's the original from which every clone was created. Helena admits that Maggie Chen played a part in creating the clones, but "saw the light" and quickly changed sides to the creationist group that raised Helena. Sarah realizes that she has a strange connection with Helena, refuses to shoot her, and helps her escape Art's detection. Helena, weakened by her stab wound, collapses on the street but is picked up by a mysterious man with a winged-fish ring and hoisted into the back of a creepy passenger van. Meanwhile, Sarah gets grilled by her superior at the police station about being in Maggie Chen's apartment and promptly quits the force and her act as Beth.

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