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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Heather Barefoot | 9 May 2014 19:00
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Episode Five


Even though her act as Beth the Cop is over, Sarah is still living in Beth's apartment. She runs into Paul strangely sneaking into their apartment, but the shock doesn't last long, thanks to the segue of a tempting shower scene. While asleep, Sarah dreams she's being experimented on in her own home. She wakes up, shakes off the nightmare, and heads to the bathroom where she promptly coughs up the same sort of medical wire we see depicted in Sarah's nightmare.

Freaked, she sneaks out of the bathroom and calls Cosima who identifies the wire as an electrode from an EEG helmet that helps monitor brain activity. Cosima, Alison, Sarah and Felix come to the conclusion that the clones are being monitored and tested in their sleep, with actual observers or "Monitors" placed in each of their lives in order to help accumulate data. In a classic Who Watches the Watchman move, Sarah finds that Beth has also been keeping tabs on her Monitor, who just so happens to be Paul. At Paul's place of work, Trexcon Consulting, Sarah makes a surprise visit to set up some surveillance equipment, but mistakenly tips off Paul's suspicion that she may not be who she claims.

Meanwhile, Cosima is running tests on the clones' blood and hair samples, including her own, to discover the cause of Katja's illness. She enlists help from a gullible scientist-friend to help run tests for Cystic Fibrosis as well as something called the Barcode Gene, a set of genetic information used for species differentiation.

Again at Felix's, Sarah and her foster brother listen to the surveillance equipment they have on Paul and hear a conversation between him and his boss Olivier. Paul doesn't tell Olivier that he knows of Sarah's trickery, but does send Sarah a picture of her with her daughter as proof.

Cosima, attempts to convince Sarah that Paul is in a "double blind" situation, which means that Paul is unaware of why he is monitoring her so he can't skew any test results. The Paul-Sarah showdown commences and we get another bit of info about the clones when Paul confirms that Beth couldn't have children. Pair that with Alison's adopted children and the fact that Sarah is Kira's biological mother becomes that much more interesting.

Episode Six

cosima niehaus

Alison has been monitoring her husband Donnie out of suspicion that he's actually her Monitor. During a heated argument, Alison whacks him in the face with a golf club and knocks him out then proceeds to tie him up in her craft room for a little homemade interrogation.

Alison calls Sarah in a panic for help with the Donnie situation, but continues implementing some interesting torture techniques in her craft room (hot glue straight to the chest, anyone?) to try and pull information from Donnie. Sarah agrees to pretend to be Alison and continue the interrogation while Alison tends to the community potluck hosted at Alison's house.

Cosima joins Delphine, a French woman she suspects of being her Monitor, at a "Neolutionism" lecture by Dr. Aldous Leekie. This lecture centers on the creation of an ideal human being and how evolutionary choices should be made in order to obtain perfection. Delphine clues us in that Leekie works at the Dyad Institute where he's currently exploring all sorts of possibilities for evolutionary choices. (Hint, hint).

After Alison passes out from a combo of wine and prescription meds taken due to the stress of the situation, Sarah shifts gears and pretends to be Alison at the potluck where Felix, also at the party, believes he may have found Alison's true Monitor in neighbor Aynsley. Sarah then returns to Beth's apartment where she spills the beans about the entire clone situation to Paul.

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