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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Heather Barefoot | 9 May 2014 19:00
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Episode Seven


Sarah tracks Paul to Olivier's underground Neolutionist club on a hunch that Paul is selling her and the other clones out to his boss. We learn that Olivier is an avid Neolutionist and supposedly has enhanced his own body with a working tail. (Does this remind anyone else of Shallow Hal?) Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Art and the other detectives find out that Katja and Helena have identical DNA and call for another analysis of Katja's fingerprints, which results in the surfacing of Sarah Manning's criminal record and matching fingerprints.

Helena is back and still recovering from her massive stab wound with Thomas, the winged-fish ring guy from earlier. We learn that Thomas raised Helena as a member of the extremist group The Proletheans, and is the source of her childhood abuse. Thomas prompts Helena to find Sarah and use her to get closer to the other clones and Helena gives Sarah an ultimatum, demanding names of the other clones in exchange for Sarah's safety.

At a dinner between Delphine and Cosima that Dr. Leekie crashes, Cosima calls him out on perfecting several cloning techniques at his work and hints that she believes he may be responsible for cloning more than just bacterial cells. (...HINT).

Back at the Neolutionist club, Sarah gallantly heads into the belly of the beast to find Paul. Helena shows up and tricks Olivier into leaving Paul's side, where she proceeds to kick his ass and cut off his tail with her fish knife.

Episode Eight

sarah manning

Sarah shows up at the police station posing as Beth once where she pretends to be unaware of Sarah Manning. In a rookie mistake, she leaves her fingerprints on a picture that Art uses to cross-examine with Sarah Manning's/Katja's fingerprints.

Delphine also pulls a classic move and furthers her flirtation with Cosima by sleeping with her, then sending Cosima out for snacks so she can raid the apartment for Cosima's clone research. She calls Leekie to inform him of her findings, but keeps one key piece of the equation to herself: Sarah's biological child Kira.

Sarah returns to Mrs. S's house with Alison in tow and proceeds to give her the whole lowdown on the clones, including the murderous Helena. Siobhan, in turn, explains what the term Orphan Black really means: Undocumented children that were often used for medical experiments, and tells Sarah that she is technically an Orphan Black.

As Mrs. S and Sarah talk, Kira wakes up and heads for the front door as if pulled by some sort of unseen connection. She sees Helena outside and opens the door, choosing to run off with her. Kira pulls a sense of humanity from the tortured Helena and she allows Kira to return to Sarah. The sense of relief is short-lived as Kira walks directly into the street and is hit by a car.

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