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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: A Season One Recap

Heather Barefoot | 9 May 2014 15:00
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And with that cliffhanger, you're caught up!

As much as I loved Season One, at the end I was still hoping to get more out of the Proletheans plot line. I felt as thought there was so much left unsaid and unexplored about the group, and that they were very easily seen as villains while the Neolutionists had a better chance at being perceived as heroes. Digging deeper, I realized that both groups were equally villainous, but the Neolutionists hid their villainy better behind charming facades and a more commonly accepted scientific thought-process. I mean, monitoring people in their sleep and employing other people to basically stalk someone and make sure the tests are successfully administered? Sounds pretty villainy to me.

Still, it's easier to understand the reasoning for the Neolutionist movement. Why would we want to age, to die, if we didn't have to? But I always felt the Proletheans were tossed into the show without a fair chance to really demonstrate why someone would even consider joining their movement. It never felt like the Proletheans got the same chance to prove their following and there is a following there, so there must be a strong reason for it. I'm not saying the Proletheans are the good guys, far from it, but I do believe that they deserve a chance to be as well-rounded as the Neolutionists and the clones themselves. I feel that the Proletheans got out of the first season was a big ol' "Because I said so" justification on their existence, and I felt that could have been handled better. With a show chock-full of intelligent writing and themes, ousting the extremist group as inherently evil from the beginning felt a bit cliché. Perhaps Season 2 will bring us more insight into the Prolethean lifestyle and help provide some much needed background to their movement.

As for other hopes for Season 2? More Felix, please! As delightful as Felix is for comic relief, I believe he's under-utilized as a character. I hope to see more of Felix's own personal history come to light. I'm also going to be eyeing this suspicious Mrs. S thing like a hawk with hopes of getting more insight on whether or not Siobhan actually played a part in Project LEDA. If she did, perhaps Siobhan's been Sarah's Monitor all along! Also, if there's any more police work, hopefully Art won't wait an entire freaking season to go watch some surveillance footage.

And lastly, I wouldn't be upset if there were more naked Paul scenes. It's not often we get to see man-ass on television so if we're still objectifying the ladies across the board, let's start objectifying the men more too. Equal opportunity and all.

Stay tuned for more mystery, more intrigue, and more accents with Orphan Black Season 2 recaps!

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