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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Heather Barefoot | 13 May 2014 15:00
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Episode One

sarah in diner

Season Two opens with Sarah Manning booking it down the street in search of her lost daughter. She's accosted in a diner by two men and narrowly makes an escape from the Proletheans and sends Felix to request help from Alison for a firearm.

Art and his partner, Angela Deangelis (...Yeah) are hot on the clone trail. Aware of both Beth and Katja's death, as well as Sarah's removal from questioning, they're left with Alison and follow her to her musical theatre rehearsal where they catch sight of Sarah and arrest her again. After a few questions, they release her from arrest.

Equipped with Alison's gun, Sarah heads to a fancy Dyad event, dressed as Cosima, to confront Rachel about the kidnapping of Kira and Mrs. S. She doesn't fool Delphine, but she does manage to steal Leekie's keycard for access into the offices and find Rachel, who she hasn't had Kira or Siobhan all along, but that Mrs. S' house was overturned when the Dyad's people arrived to claim them.

Sarah lays a smack down on Rachel until Paul comes in to stop the situation. After a gunpoint showdown, Paul tells Sarah to leave and she heads to Art's apartment where he informs Sarah that the diner attack is now being classified as domestic terrorism thanks to fact that the two men who attacked Sarah were Proletheans. Sarah pieces this information together and comes to the conclusion that Kira was taken by the Proletheans, not the Dyad Institute.

Meanwhile, Helena stumbles into a hospital looking about one minute from death, proclaims that her sister shot her, and collapses on the floor. And who should follow her to the hospital but one of the Diner Proletheans from earlier.

If that wasn't freaky enough, the last shot of episode one shows Kira, alone, in a creepy motel getting her hair brushed (rather forcefully) and picture taken by some unidentified man.

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