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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Heather Barefoot | 13 May 2014 15:00
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Episode Two

helena in hospial

Felix joins Sarah and Art at the detective's apartment, where he receives a call from Kira on his cell phone. She admits that she doesn't know where she is but there is a "weird man" there, just before the line cuts off and we get a glimpse of the weird man himself. Art tracks the phone call to a nearby motel and her and Sarah jet off in search of Kira.

Alison, once again believing that Donnie is her Monitor, checks his phone and finds suspicious texts supporting her theory. She decides to test Donnie by leading him to the cemetery with a string of suspicious activity on her own, and has even more reason to believe he's her Monitor when she catches him following her.

Back at Prolethean Headquarters, we see Mark (the diner guy) and Henrick, the leader of the group, in the barn artificially inseminating a cow. He praises Mark for finding Helena and they set a plan in motion to free her from the hospital.

While searching for Kira, Sarah follows a trail of Kira's belongings to a garage where she gets in the trunk of Weird Man's car and is transported to an undisclosed location based on the promise of finding Kira. When she's let out of the trunk, Mrs. S is there. She thanks Weird Man, named Benjamin, for his help and proceeds to march Sarah to an old house hidden in the woods. On the walk, she admits to trashing her house herself and escaping with Kira, with no Prolethean or Dyad involvement. We also learn that the safe house in the woods belongs to some of Siobhan's old network, an older couple they call "birdwatchers", that helped Siobhan and Sarah disappear when she was young.

Back in town, Mark manages to steal Helena from hospital and bring her back to the Prolethean commune, we were get an inside look at the modern Prolethean's daily lifestyle. It appears quaint, women dressing modestly and washing clothing by hand, men preparing to sell vegetables from the farm at a local market, children playing with dogs. We get a quick reminder that modern Proletheanism and original Proletheanism are definitely different when we see Thomas at Helena's bedside, scourging himself with his belt.


Henrick shows Thomas Helena's x-ray from the hospital, which strangely has all of Helena's internal organs on the opposite side, and identifies that she has a genetic condition he calls a "mirror", which sometimes occurs in identical twins. Their discussion comes to a close when they both agree that Helena and her clones are the "war for the future of creation", although fundamentally Thomas and Henrick seem to have very different views on what that means.

Meanwhile, Sarah confronts Siobhan about Amelia's picture of the two Project LEDA scientists from the 70's. When Siobhan plays dumb, Sarah decides it's time to part ways with her foster mother. And not a minute too soon, because Siobhan's old network of friends isn't exactly on her side anymore but have instead sold them out to the Proletheans. Believing Mrs. S' played a part in the betrayal, Sarah grabs Felix and embarks on a journey to take Kira far, far away.

Back on the farm, Henrick believes that as the sister of a fertile clone, Helena could also possibly give birth. Thomas, in one shining moment of responsibility, argues against it by saying that she's dangerous and unstable, but he doesn't have much time to disagree after Mark shoots him in the temple with a nail gun.

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