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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Heather Barefoot | 13 May 2014 15:00
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Episode Three

delphine and cosima

Sarah, Felix, and Kira are "camping", which translates to sleeping in a stolen flat-bed truck in open fields while they try to figure out their next game plan. Henrick and Mark return to the "birdwatchers'" home and set fire to the home.

At the Dyad, Delphine shows Cosima a video diary of Jennifer Fitzgerald, another genetic identical in which Jennifer admits that the Dyad found unidentified polyps on her lungs. Delphine informs Cosima that, sadly, Jennifer died three days prior which doesn't really look great for Cosima's own chances at treatment.

Back with the Proletheans, Mark and Gracie, Henrick's daughter, observe Helena again. Gracie's inherent distrust and disgust at Helena shows through, while Mark seems to hold Helena in a higher respect. Gracie tells Helena of Thomas' death and Helena shows no remorse for the man who was sent "back to the dark ages."

Meanwhile, our intrepid trio finds a cabin and does a little harmless breaking and entering. While they're sleeping, the cabin's owner comes home and reveals himself as Cal, someone Sarah knew all along. Kira asks the question we're all wondering, "Are you my dad?" and Sarah informs Cal that he's definitely the father.

Kira and Sarah have a heart-to-heart about Sarah's childhood, her lack of biological parents, and Cal. Felix, reasonably suspicious himself, confronts Cal about his involvement in Sarah's life. We learn that Cal is an engineer-of-sorts who invented mini-drone pollinators for bee population regrowth, but was kicked out of his business when his partner sold the technology to the military, which is now using it for military drones.

Meanwhile, Cosima and Delphine do an autopsy on Jennifer to discover the nature of the ailment she suffered. They come to the conclusion that she suffered from a (still undiagnosed) auto-immune disease, but also found pronounced growths on Jennifer's uterus that could be the cause of her infertility.


Alison's musical debuts, but her increasing use of alcohol and prescription medicine finally catches up to her. She falls off stage onto the floor and passes out.

Back on Prolethean Farm, Henrick betroths himself to Helena so that the two of them may become "God's instruments in the war for creation" and carries her into a creepy, pitch-black room.

At Cal's cabin, Daniel shows up and grabs Kira who he tries to use as leverage to convince Sarah to leave with him. Kira escapes into Cal's arms but Sarah leaves with Daniel in an attempt to keep her daughter safe, only after Daniel shoots a local cop dead in Cal's yard.

In another classic cliffhanger, Sarah and Daniel drive toward Dyad headquarters but don't make it far. Instead they're smashed directly into by an oncoming truck on Daniel's side.

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